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  • Mood: Anger
  • Listening to: the loud dishwasher
  • Reading: my geometry homework =P
  • Watching: me typing on my laptop screen
  • Playing: the homework game (pretending to do homework)
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: mountain dew to keep me awake
Wow I just randomly remembered that Spongebob episode where Spongebob (or Mr. Krabs?) said, "Another day, another dollar." Then Squidward muttered, "More like a nickel." To Squidward's regret, Spongebob repeated it over and over and laughed obnoxiously at it. That was a funny episode. :)

Well, this geometry homework NEVER ENDS. I am finishing a thing called a "triangle mural" where you take a work of art and draw congruent triangles. There must be at least 30 pairs of congruent triangles and each triangle must be congruent to one other. Also, 75% of the mural must be triangles. It turned out for me that I have 110 pairs o.O Hard work. I'll put a picture of it up here eventually...

So pretty soon, after my school semester is over, I'll be posting the beginnings of the story I am writing. I am looking forward to encouraging and constructive criticism. Good night everyone!

That's how Camille "C's" it. ;)
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